Cello Accessories

Endpin Stops 
Dycem Black Hole - Best for hardwood floors
Xeros Endpin Anchor - Great classic option to hook the stop ring to your chair leg

Music Stands 
Peak - Sturdy & Travel friendly
Manhasset Stand - The classic stand used in schools and orchestras around the world
Manhasset Voyager - Slightly fancier than the Manhasset due to portability

D’Arrio - For the budget-conscious musician
Millant-Deroux - Sister to Jade L’Opera and considered “light” rosin; Made in France
Jade L’Opera - Personal favorite and fabulous “dark” rosin; Made in France
Andrea Solo - Best of the best used by professional musicians; in 2020, they had a name change to “Cecilia” in the USA

D’Addario Helicore Medium - Beginner set with lower tension
Pirastro Evah Pirazzi - Beginner set works well as is
Larsen - Professional set made in Denmark; their steel core produces a more brilliant tone
Thomastik-Infeld Spirocore - Professional set made in Austria; steel core with very responsive lower strings. They have the most popular C-string in the world!
Larsen and Spirocore Mix - Recommended! This is the most popular and traditional mix of strings for soloists; A & D Larsen with Thomastik’s Spirocore G & C (A match made in heaven!)

Korg Tuner and Metronome - Tune before playing and practice rhythm for pieces
Kootek Rechargeable Stand Light - Perfect to clip onto music stands for outdoor evening events
Music Nomad Microfiber Cloth - Use to wipe down cello strings and body after every playing session
Wind Clip Holder - Attaches to music stand easily to protect sheet music if performing outdoors